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Is there a way to check if the user has enabled TakePhoto/ChooseGalleryPhoto permission? As per checking the TakePhoto/ChooseGalleryPhoto Client Actions are just returning the same error code for these two scenarios:

1. User denied access to camera/gallery. Then when he opens the camera/gallery, user won't be able to access camera and gallery and Error Code: "3" and Error Message "20" is returned.

2. User allowed access to camera/gallery. Then the user opens the camera/gallery, without taking a picture/choosing photo, user clicks on "cancel" or android back button. The same error code and error message is returned.

Can we get a more specific error messages and error code on this? Also, having issue on Android only since the iOS devices displays its native popup that the user has not enabled permission for Camera/Gallery and he should enable it first through the App settings.


Hi NikkiM,

In my application, we're using this plugin (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2040/android-permissions-plugin)  for checking the permission and request permission before we call the camera client action.


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