How can I have more than one "Custom Modal" in my WebScreen
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Hello everyone.

I have a Webscreen in which I wanna use Various Modals (As If they were Pop-Ups). 

The issue is, the togglemodal action i have doesn't ask for the Modal Id or anything, so I cant choose which modal i wanna toggle.
This might be cos' we're using an old OS version, or a custom modal (made by us) but I'd like like to ask if theres a way to do it.



Is this for traditional?
I just can think about isolating the component put an id input parameter, and every time you use the component you pass the modal's widget id.

I've figured it out, basically just have to put the modals inside diferent View States. So that went the toggle action is called only the correct Modal will be "Available" to be called since the others will be considered "Non Existent" since they're not in the View State.

EX: If index = 1 (Call modal 1)

else if index = 2 (Call modal2) and soo on...


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