How can I check the actual created request body when using REST API?

I have created a REST API method to create a Microsoft Teams group. It works fine except for some specific settings for the Teams group like memberSettings, guestSettings and messagingSettings. When I run a manual test, the Teams group is created with the different settings set properly. When I call the REST API method, the settings are being ignored. When debugging, the parameters that go into the REST API method all look ok.

My question is how I can check which request body is actually created and sent to O365 tenant? I would like to check whether there is something wrong in the JSON body...



You must review the integrations in Service Center's monitoring tab.

  1. Go to the ServiceCenter of your environment (https://your_environment/ServiceCenter/) and log in.
  2. In the Factory tab, Modules tab, filter by your module.
  3. Go to the detail of your module and go to Integrations tab.
  4. In Consumed REST APIs, change the logging level from Default to Full.
  5. Test your app.
  6. Go to ServiceCenter again and go to Monitoring tab.
  7. Go to Integrations tab and filter by your Module.
  8. You will see the details of your request (including the JSON body, HTTP request, HTTP response...).

More info in

Kind regards, David.

Thanks. I found the issue. I didn't set the 'Is Mandatory' flag for the settings in the request structure. Now it works fine.

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