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Hi Community,

How can I enable the input widget if it is disabled for read/write? Please check the image attached for the reference where all the properties are mentioned for the input

Any help will be appreciable!!



you have to change the variable which you use in the 'Enabled' attribute to true. But I've got a feeling that you don't want that. If so, why would you enable it in another way?


Hey Hans, 

Thanks for the reply. Actually there is some scenario like this input section is disabled and I wanted this to be enable the input section (input should be in read/write mode)




Hey there, what you want to do, just enable the input everytime is rendered? How to dynamically enable the input?

Thanks for the reply Marcio,

Yes you are right. I wanted to be enable the input every time whenever I have rendered the page. I just wanted to be read/write for this input.



That's a good solution from @Mishika Bharadwaj , if you want to enable depending on an action you can use a local variable or a static, I prefer a local variable(depending of course on the use case) to enable or disable the input depending on the flow.

If you want to enable the review recommendations input depending on some input, you can use that local variable to hold the boolean attribute.

If this is not what you are looking for, please, can you give more inputs?




You can pass a static value (true) in enabled property to always enable it. 

You can update the entity attribute wherever you are saving it to true so when it is passed it will take the true value and input would be enabled. 

Alternatively, you can change the value of this attribute to true in your Preparation without updating the entity if you always want it to be enabled. (Not recommended as it would negate the use of attribute)

The property also takes an IF statement so if you have a condition which governs the enable/disable of input you can pass that in it as well. 

Hope it helps! 

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