Set Record and Record List to null


Is there a null function to set a record or recordlist variable to null?

Hi Robert ,

Doesn't exist a function for a null record or record list.

what you can do is create a function that returns a null record or record list of that type.

Another way is create a empty variable of that type and associate it where you need.


Sérgio Oliveira
Hi Robert,

Just one small pointer adding to what Sérgio said. When setting the

OldRecordList = EmptyRecordList

remember that things are passed by reference, so whenever you change OldRecordList, you'll now be changing the EmptyRecordList as well.

The way to do it is to use ListDuplicate on the EmptyRecordList variable.


Paulo Tavares
You could also use ListClear() action which you can find under Logic -> References -> (System).

Best regards