Is there any way to flip back the flipcontent based on some condition
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So , Flip Content will show other side [back side of the card] when we click on it, so here can we flip it back to show the front face with out clicking on it again based on some condition.

  1. handler should be like 
  2. Flipcontent loads when the page loads
  3. Click on the card for the first time - back side of  the card will be shown now
  4. Now Handler need to check for True or False with Local variable
  5. if True we can just leave it.
  6. if False we need flip it  back so that again front face should come[without clicking on it again]

So, Based on some condition when we click on the card it should show back face & immediately turns to the front face again with out clicking again on the card.


Hi Sandeep,

Yes, you can implement the mentioned use-case by using JavaScript. I have created a sample application illustrating the implementation for the same functionality. Check this --> Flip Cotnent Task

  • In your case use the below-mentioned JS to explicity click the flip content based on the condition/boolean local var value.

JavaScript Snippet

var flipContent = document.querySelector('#' + $parameters.FlipContentId + ' div.flip-content-container');;

Refer to the attached .oml file

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Hi Benjith , The oml you shared helped me with my personal task.
Thanks for sharing. I want to stop the flip while clicking on the container.
Instead of that I working with buttons.

Can you share your point, how to restrict flipping while clicking on container?


Hi Yogesh,

For your use case, you will have to set the OSFlipContent widget's FlipSelf property value to False.

Check this updated sample screen --> Flip Cotnent Task

Glad to help you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Hi Sandeep,

Based on the piece of javascript that Benjith shared here is an example how you can use it to condition that the back side automatically flips back to the front after a configurable time out. It also shows how you can utilize the OnFlip event of the widget.




Hi @Sandeep K,

I have created one demo app as per your condition. Please check and let em know it this is you expected or something different.

Refer the attached file. Hope this will help you...!!

Thanks & Regards,



Hi @Sandeep K ,

                        You need to make Flip self False, so you can make use of isflipped property avaiable in flipcontent widget.

so in that  isflipped you need to give any boolean variable you are going change based on condition in any screen action  to flip it automatically based on condition.

if you missed to make flipself false that it will not work properly.

please check on it if this is the case and you still now not clear drop here i will elaborate it more clear

Thanks & Regards,

Naveen Chelladurai

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