Web back button - previous web screen

I have a button(its am image really).. That I want an action to be assigned to it.
The action I want is a basic “Back” button.  (You know .. the button that is in all web browsers.. to go back to one previous screen.) see attached..
How can I make my webscreen button(image really) in my web screen.. do a go to previous web screen.


click this "Image" to go back to the previous screen.  (and the user clicks the image.. and is taken back to the previous screen)
Hi Dan

Create a button or link of type navigate, to the current screen and then set the extended properties, placing the Name OnClick and the Value "history.back(); return false;"

It works for IE, Chrome and Mozilla.

There's a sample espace in attachment for a button.


Miguel Simões João
Thank you very very much!!