What will be the best approach to save text along with url in entity
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Hi All

I have a scenario which contains a message text box through which a url along with some text needs to be saved in entity(for eg : I am working on outsystems https://www.outsystems.com/). The same message field needs to be displayed in some screen which will contain the save message along with https://www.outsystems.com/ as url on which the user who is viewing that message can click on url. Can anyone please suggest what will be the best approach to perform this in respect to security.

Do let me know if any further details required. Thanks in advance. 

Hello Vivek,

I'm unable to get your requirements.

Basically, you want a universal URL for the same functionality.

Right?...or not comment below

Or send the Oml so that I can analyze it further.

Hi Vinayak

Basically the scenario is to save a message attribute in entity which will contain certain text along with url(the url will be the path of file location which on click will open the file). Do let me know if any further details required.

thanks in advance

Hi Vivek, 

You can use crypto api plugin to encrypt the data and store it in entity.

You may refer to following forge component for this.


You may encrypt the data while storing it into entity and again decrypt the data where ever you want to use it.

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