unable to open docx files in mobile app
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I am using file viewer plugin to open the files in mobile app, but I am not able to open the docx files with file viewer plugin. I am passing the URL to the opendocument action but it is opening in chrome browser and it is asking for download. I have the Microsoft word app installed in my phone but it is not opening in that. 

I am able to open the pdf files successfully using this plugin but only facing issue with docx files. Please help here

Hi Kaustubh Kamble,

  1. Does the docx file gets downloaded successfully?
  2. If not, can you check if there is any error registered in service center.
  3. What is the exact behavior(error) when you try to open the doc file.


Ajay A

Hi Ajay,

1. Docx file gets downloaded successfully through browser.

2. Behaviour: When I am clicking on any document chrome browser is opened and the browser is asking for download. 

Logic : I am passing the docx URL to the OpenDocument action of file viewer plugin.

Same logic is implemented for pdf file and it is working fine it is opening in the drive app. So why it is not working for docx file? Is it that I should download the file first and then pass it to OpenDocument action or what should I do to open the docx file in Word app.

Can you please share the oml you created.?

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