increase the number of input box upon clicking of the button
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.11.2 (Build 42828)
Platform Version
11.12.0 (Build 29969)

Hi Team,

I need to increase the input box upon clicking of the button .

how can I achieve this ?

lets say ,

I have 2 input box :- 

1) Name 

2) Address

If I click on the button (Add input) it should ask for the name and data type of the i/p and after the confirmation it should create i/p box accordingly .

please assist ,


Hello Nandini,

Could you please try this forge component and see if it fulfills your requirements?


Thanks & Kind Regards,


Thanks for the response ,

Sure i will check and let you know 

Hi , 

I tried with one you have shared it is not working,

Could you please suggest me further ,


Hi Nandini,

May be you can explore the Javascript to achieve this.

Please find the below links to explore more on this type of scnearios. As this type of scenarios u need to customize the logic based on external JS or  by writing JS code in Node.




Dileep Verma

Hi Nandini,

I made something like this before (except for asking datatype).
Without using any forge component, you can use the Append server action to add more controls/component on your user interface.

You may refer to this Add More button/link logic:

While the expected User interface will be like this:
-Clicking Add more will add additional Business Name, First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Contact Number.

Hope this will help you.


Hi Nandini,

You can Use List Append Client Action to increase the number of input boxes.If you click on Add details button you need to use pop widget for confirmation.Hope this will help you.


Safiya Shaikh.

Then how can I save the values of those inbox in a single list varibale

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