Connection timeout - Lock entity (row) and is not allowing me to abort transaction?

Hello, first of all, thanks for reading my question.

I am building and testing an app on my personal environment for checking how does the locking entity works.

Here is what I built:

So basically, I made EntityTest1 entity and there are some rows, GetEntityTest1ForUpdate will select the specific row and lock the entity with that specific row data but in the ad-hoc loop the server action will be stuck (it is intended). Server request timeout set for 3 seconds, after 3 seconds it shows 'The connection has timed out'. However, it does not abort the transaction, what I mean is that the row I was handling is now permanently locked (so, now I cannot update that row from another server action as well).

So, my question is... is there a way of performing 'AbortTransaction' when connection timeout happens? It looks like AllExceptions do not handle 'Timeout' error.


Best regards,

Brian Kong


This one did not work as well.


If your connection times out an abort transaction should automatically happen as far as I know unless you change the property on the exception handler to not abort the transaction

Hello, Daniël Kuhlmann.

Thanks for your response. Yeah, I thought that too but apparently, my one is not working like that (or at least does not rollback by itself?). The same row data is still locked.

I would like to prefer to wait a bit longer to check if someone had the same(similar) issues.

Again, thanks for your kind response.

Best regards,

Brian Kong

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