Platform Server setup fail


I'm getting Cannot open database requested by the login. The login failed. MS SQL error with Configuration Tool.

I used my sa user for Administrator and Runtime fields and both result in same error. The login does work I tested it with SSMC. Also I noticed the Database field in Database section and default value is 'outsystems' but when I checked in SSMC it didn't exist. Is it created later in config process or do I have to provide the database? All of this isn't described in Setting Up OutSystems article

Hello Glab,

Please visit this link. Might be you will get some help to troubleshoot your issue.

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Hi Gleb,

In order to successfully perform the OutSystems Platform Server installation, you have to carefully execute the steps as described in the Installation Checklist documentation that is provided with each Platform Server version in the Downloads section.

The installation checklist also includes detailed steps on what is needed to configure the osruntime and osadmin users inside the Database section of the Configuration Tool.



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