Unable to open docx files from database in mobile app
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I am trying to open the docx file from s3 database in the mobile app.

Plugins used: File Plugin, File Transfer Plugin, File Viewer Plugin, Amazon S3 connector

Logic implmented:

1) I am getting the preSignedURl of the document from s3 database using GetPreSignedURL action of amazon s3 connector.

2) Then Creating a directory using CreateDirectory action of FilePlugin.

->  parameters passed: 

3) Then trying to save the file using DowloadFile action of FileTransferPlugin.

-> parameters passed: 


4) and at last used the OpenDocument action of FileViewerPlugin to open the document. 

-> parameters passed: 

The download file action is giving the error and the file is not getting downloaded. Please suggest where I am getting wrong and How to view the docx file from s3 database in mobile app.

Hello Kaustubh

Can you please share the error you are getting while downloading the file? So, first we can try to solve download issues and then move forward to open the document. 

Hi Manish,

when I click on the document nothing happens on the screen. So I debugged the code where I used the HandleDownload to get the error logs please refer to the below screenshot

While debugging in handleDownloadOnDownloadError action I am getting the below error. for security reasons I cannot display the urls.

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