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Hi All,

In one of my project I want to activate a new unused non-production environment, and its  "On-Premise" server, so currently we have dev-uat-prod and we going to make one more environment like dev-uat-training(New environment)-prod, so we don't know how to register the new environment and where to start first exactly.

We having the licensed environment so we need to know how to activate the serial number in order to activate the new environment.

We tried in a lifetime to register the new environment but in the next step it's showing "LIFETIME COULD NOT ESTABLISH A SECURE NETWORK CONNECTION TO THE ENVIRONMENT."

Please someone guide us step by step to register the new environment which is already a licensed environment.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Sachin 

I gone through it but I can't understand please provide step by step procedure to register new environment on on premises 


Hi Balaji, go through the below link which has a demo to setup and infrastructure.

Feel free to ask if you have questions.


Ajay A


Hi Balaji,

Make sure bidirectional communication between LifeTime and the front-end(s) of the new environment is possible.

Have you also made sure both LifeTime and the front-end(s) of the new environment are configured to establish a secure (https) connection? This is one of the prerequisites.

Let me share with you the official documentation that provide the step by step for registering a new environment

Hope this helps!



So by registering in life time we get serial no and activation code for new environment?


Each new environment requires it own license file. To request a new license for your new environment you can follow these steps for an on-premises environment.

When the Platform Server installation on the front-end(s) of the new environment is done, one of the last installation steps is to upload the license file in Service Center. You can fetch the license file from the Licensing Portal.

After that you can register the new licensed environment in LifeTime and position it after the uat environment or wherever you want to position it.



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