Hello All,

I'm using the seo url feature to ensure static urls when an end user navigates to the Listing_Show webscreen. The SEO URL Rule is as follows:


Im aware that if HSN STR CIT or LN is blank, then the SEO URL wont work in runtime. However, I've tested this capability and it only works 10 percent of the time at best. Is there something wrong in my settings? Has anyone else had this issue and fixed it?

Hi Julius,

When you say that it didn't work, I assume you mean you are getting 404's when processing incoming requests using those URL's, right?

If that is the case, it could be that one (or more) of the parameters you're using is receiving arguments with unsupported characters. As an example, any argument containing one or more of the following characters "=", ";", "/", "#", "?", ":" or <space> will interrupt the parameter capture and, therefore, the matching of the rule.

Please let me know if this is the case.

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Very useful tip Miguel!
Since this functionality it's quite new, all shared knowledgement is appreciated!

Rafael Pereira

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for the insight. It makes sense to me that this may be the issue.  I do have and challenge in that some of the data points for the {STR} parameter are two words seperated by a space. Should I use a javascript to replace the space with a "-"?


I would suggest creating two user functions on your eSpace, one that changes spaces to "-" (say, ConvToSEOArg) and the other that does the reverse (ConvFromSEOArg) .

I would then pass any parameters that will be used in screens with SEO rules (and that may contain spaces) through the appropriate version for the function (ConvToSEOArg to encode when dumping a Navigation link in the source screen, and then ConvFromSEOArg to decode in the Preparation of the target screen).

Make sure that, if any parameter may itself include spaces _AND_ "-" that you encode/decode the space to another character so as to not cause ambiguity.

Best of luck!