Data loss when pushing new build to production.
Application Type
Traditional Web, Service
Service Studio Version
11.11.2 (Build 43110)

  • After V1 deployment...     
  • In Development environment there were many times we need to clear the db data     
  • For that we had copy-delete-paste an entity so that the data will be cleared (For example : We need to clear the data in Authentication Entity. We will copy the entity . delete it ... and again paste it.. so that the data in the Authentication entity will be cleared)     
  • But as per Outsystems Logic.. The Authentication Entity previously we deployed to production was deleted and created a new entity with same name and same attributes.     
  • So if we deploy again to production it is deleting the Authentication entity and creating a new one 

As you found out doing a copy-delete-paste an entity so that the data will be cleared, has consequences to any target environment you deploy to.

Why not use a tool like SQL sandbox from the Forge to clear data in an entity?

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