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feedback message in mobile app is not going automatically unless we click on that message. Can anyone please suggest, I want if user clicks anywhere on the screen the feedback message should go off.

Hi @Kaustubh Kamble 

Hope you are doing well. So, you can add a js function that is going to be triggered when a click on the screen happens.

Add a main container on the screen with the event onClick triggering that action.

This way, when the user clicks on the screen, that will trigger the function that will close the feedback message. If there's no feedback m. nothing will happen.

The js code is something like this:

function close(){ 

  $public.FeedbackMessage.closeFeedbackMessage(); }


See the example below



|João Ascensão

Kaustubh Kamble

Hi Joao,

Thanks for the reply, But is there any other way to set the timer or something to the feedback message. 

Similar to the feedback message which we get when the app is updated. It shows the "the app is updated to the latest version" and after 2-3 seconds it gets vanished. So can we built a similar logic for all the feedback messages.


Yes there is. You can add a js code after the feedback message. This way, since reactive, the message will appear, and after the timer in the js, it will dissapear.


  $public.FeedbackMessage.closeFeedbackMessage(); }, 


?You can test on the same link as the previous comment.


|João Ascensão

Thanks @joao 

This helped me in my project.

Hello there Kaustubh,

Hope you're doing well.

Please, take a look at this component:


It implements all the necessary logic to manage Feedback Messages for Reactive and Mobile Applications.

If you want to implement an autoclose behavior for an error message (similar logic as you have for success and info messages), you just need to use ShowFeedbackMessageWithAutoClose  action.

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi @Kaustubh Kamble ,

In outsystem, for feedback messages; all messages will go off except error  and warning message. For other messages(info, success) it has default time set by Outsystem, after that messages automatically go off but for error   and warning messages , user should give attention on error  and warning message. So that error messages has to click by user and then it will go off. This type of system is developed.

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