Refresh Tree Widget getting Hide.


I am using Tree Widget.When i am trying to refresh the TreeWidget using Ajax the Control getting Hide.My requirement is when preparation i append TreeRow in Widget.Again while changing the Combobox i have to reload the TreeWidget.So Again i append the data in TreeRow and trying to Refresh using Ajax the Control getting Hide.And also i tried to put the control in container and refreshed the Container.In this case i got same Error.

Please tell what i did wrong on the above process?

Hi Devaraj,

Given the structure of the existing Tree Widget component and its initialization process, it appears that it has some problems interacting with the Ajax refresh. Another member, Dick Dokter, seems to have had similar problems with Ajax and the Tree Widget component. Do read that topic, since he did some more troubleshooting into it, which might help you going further.

However, I don't think anyone has ever gotten it to work with Ajax, so I would recommend not to update it with Ajax - or, if you manage to get it to work, to let us know how you did it!


Paulo Tavares