[Data Grid Reactive] Is it possible to change the index?
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Hi, thank you for spending time building this component. It's very useful. 

We're wanting to change the index of some of the data tables; instead of row numbers, is it possible to set something else as the index (like data key)?



Hello Nathan,

We're glad you are enjoying our component :)

Could tell us in detail what's your use case, so we can have a better understanding if it's something feasible or not.


Gabriel Lundgren

We are trying to get a Grid that looks like this: 

and don't want row numbers down the side -- instead want a custom index or able to hide the row numbers entirely.

Hey Nathan,

To achieve this, you'll need to customize our code. I've attached a sample that has a block containing our custom code for this. You'll need to change the code to have your own binding and add this block to your sample

The code can be found in the Scripts folder.

Please bear in mind that we didn't make all the necessary tests to ensure that it will work on all cases. We are continuously working to provide more API methods, so I suggest you keep tuned, as we intend to launch new events that might replace the code that I provided in my previous answer in order to make it easier to custom such behaviors.

Please let me know if you need help with anything else,

Gabriel Lundgren



Hi @Nathan Duncan,

Following the suggestion of @Gabriel Lundgren, that will most likely solve your immediate problem, but potentially create maintenance issues in the future, on your side.

There's an alternative that find more easy to maintain, however I would like you to confirm me that it would work for you?

The alternative consists in:

  • Have an option to hide the numbers side bar
  • Have a "Lane" as a text column with your data and it would be:
    • non-editable
    • not draggable
    • not possible to hide it
    • have a class applied to it that would give it a the same look as the "number" column

At this moment this alternative is not easily doable, but if you confirm us that it would solve your use case, we could try to make it possible.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Hi @Ruben Goncalves,

Your alternative solution fits my need. 

Currently the index number is fine, but this solution is a really nice to have, since will give us more flexibility to show custom text on the index.

I'd like to add if its possible for the index column to have the option to have the action column behavior - since its fixed and visible all the time, it would be a great addition to have it for the user. Today I use right click context menu, but some users are not used to right click in a browser to have a customized menu list so this would make more user friendly.



Hi @Joao Kuae,

The solution that I purposed, was to use the ColumnText, and not a new type of column! :)

In your case, sounds like you want to have a ColumnAction as the first column with a binding, pinned to the position, un-movable, un-removable and on click to open the context menu. Is this what you need?


@Ruben Goncalves, sorry if I wasn't clear.

My grid case has many columns and the user needs an action column (edit, duplicate, delete) - either an action column or context menu with easy access. 

So started with the Action column, but the idea was to have the action column fixed on the far right, but as far as I could tell, currently its not possible - it only freezes to the left. 

Our current solution is to use the context menu with the right click. 


1. Be able to freeze column to the left or right.

2. Today the index when you click you have the row selection. One possibility is instead of selecting the entire row, be able to have a context menu or like an action whenever clicked the index row. 

I hope I was able to be more clear.


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