[Case Management framework] Auto/system tasks and CaseServices APIs
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Version 1.5.2
From now on, service actions used to fetch data for cases and activities can only be accessed by registered users. Otherwise, an exception is thrown;


We noticed several errors on Dev with "Error: Unauthorized access." concerning the Case_GetActivities API. We use this service action in our Processes to retrieve the DueDate, ClosedDate or AssignedTo values of certain activities because there is no other way to retrieve those via the APIs. If there is another way, a suggestion would be welcome :)

If I understand right, the system/process cannot use these APIs anymore (via automated or OnReady/OnClose actions)?


Hi Geertjan Jacobs,

In order to improve the API security on all service actions that retrieve activity or case data, the decision was to only registered users will be able to retrieve data.

My suggestion would be to create an automatic user via \Users application and perform the login (using the Login action from System) before invoking the Case_GetActivities  API service action.

Thank you

This can work. Thank you for the quick response!

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