Reactive Translations for BPT


I'm trying to translate the label of Processes and Human Activities. In the multilingual locale section I can find the text and I can translate it.

But when I do a advance query and retrieve the label attribute of the table Process_Definition, this is always in the default locale. I checked I call correctly to "SetCurrentLocale".

I checked this article and I see only "Instructions in human activities" is mentioned. Therefore, my question is: Is it implemented in the technical preview?

In the article of traditional web more about processes is mentioned.

I would appreciate your help.



Hi Alvaro,

BPT processes run server side, and as such are not subject to the limitations of translating Reactive Web Apps. You should therefore be able to translate whatever is mentioned for Traditional Web Apps (even though it could be made a bit clearer that it's not limited to TWAs).


Hi Alvaro,

To add to Killian's response, the translations for the labels and instructions for processes and activities are stored in the database, in the tables with the suffix _Lang. In order to get the translated version, you should join the entities Activity with Activity_Definition_Lang by the Activity_Def_Id and the desired locale. Here's a screenshot of the entities which you can refer from System:

If you wish to get the translated tables for processes use the same logic but now with entity Process_Definition_Lang.

Kind Regards,


Yes, I know that entities, but I didn't want to join manually with them. But, I could do it.

Thank you.

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