New Video: ICYMI 5 - OSDC, Guidelines for Trusted Components, and More!

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) is back, with plenty of announcements and updates, plus celebrating a 10 year anniversary in the community, and more Forge components to check out. Take a look: 

Here's what's covered:
00:00 - Intro
00:15 - OSDC Returns, and Call for Speakers (ends 6/25/2021!)
00:42 - Product Updates
00:59 - Technical Preview: Built-in Emails for Mobile and Reactive Web Apps
01:27 - Technical Preview: SEO-Friendly URLs
01:45 - Flexible Upgrades
02:06 - Refresh REST APIs
02:27 - Updates in Documentation and Training
02:52 - Guidelines for Trusted Components
03:23 - Forge Updates
03:31 - Multiple File Upload
03:41 - InfiniteScroll
03:57 - JWT
04:14 - JSON Pretty Format
04:30 - Supported Component - BDD Framework Client-Side
04:48 - Cloud Accelerators for AWS
05:30 - Community Component Shout-out
05:45 - Application Framework
06:01 - Timer Countdown Reactive
06:15 - Wrap-up

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Thanks for sharing..!

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Thanks for sharing!

Good one!! Thanks for sharing the video.

Thanks to this video, I could  come to know BDDFramework Client Side.

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Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing..

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