add email option not visible


Hi Savina,

The Technical Preview - Emails in Mobile and Reactive Web Apps is only available if

  1.  your platform version is higher than 11.12 or later
  2. Your Service Studio is up to date.
  3. You have configured the SMTP server. See Configure OutSystems to Send Emails for instructions.
  4. You have activated the technical preview Emails for Mobile and Reactive in LifeTime in all environments.



It shows the latest version as 11.11.3 and I have downloaded the same. Please suggest how can I upgrade to 11.12 platform version


That list is the downloadable versions of the platform for onpremise installations.

On-premise versions run a little bit behind with the cloud versions.

If you want to try this in your PE, you have to wait until that will be on 11.12.0, that will happen somewhere soon.

If you are using an enterprise cloud license, you can request the upgrade to 11.12.0 by creating a support case.

Ok. Thank you, Is there any other way by which I can add Email functionality in my current version?


Hi Savani,

Sending e-mails is a feature that applies only to Traditional Web Applications (because it is Server Side). That's why you don't have that option in Reactive Web modules. 

Please follow below  videos or link to get idea how to use it in RWA.




Hi Dileep, that is not completely true as you can read from my reply. 

Your reply is the workaround, that can be followed if the requirements are not yet met to use the new Emails in mobile and reactive web option.

Yes, got it thanks  Daniel. Your reply will help me also..:)

Many thanks

Dileep Verma

Thank you, will check

Thank you! By referring to this documentation, I have configured Email but still, I cannot see add Email option in UI flow.

Did you create a new app using traditional web app? Since the app you create is reactive and your platform server still not support that feature on reactive. Or you can get the new Platform Server 11.12 now from the download page.

I used a forge component to use email functionality. Thanks for your help.

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