Bug Report: Copy/Pasting page causes input widget's Input Type to change
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.0 (Build 42742)
  1. I created an input widget on a page (TestInput), with Input Type Text: 
  2. When I then copy and pasted the page, the input widget on the new page (TestInput2) had Input Type Search:

I think the expected behaviour is that input type would remain the same after copy/pasting page.

*I've also noticed the same thing happens when just copying/pasting the input widget on the same page.

I've included an OML file with the reproduced issue.



Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for the report, I will get the attention of OutSystems for this. However, be sure to report it via Service Studio, (via this icon: ) as it will automatically be added to their issue tracker.

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