Greater than to condition for currency

Greater than to condition for currency

What is the proper condition for great than currency amount? I'm getting an error and I think I may need to make adjustments because it's currency. I am making sure the new entered bid is more than the stored amount.
DEAL_bid.TypedValue >

Hello Mark,

If I understand you have a input box where you put the new DEAL_Bid, so you need to compare the value from the query with the variable associated to the input box.

The typed value property is used for validation (

I hope that helps

Hi Mark, 

I think you need to use:

TextToDecimal(DEAL_bid.TypedValue) >
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Hmm, well I got it to work. I ended up going the route of using a variable and a parameter. Not sure which of the two above is better? I started working towards Hugo's response (i think, haha).

variable = bid
input parameter = bidparam

I made a variable called "bid".

I assigned the "bid" variable to the value of

I then performed an if statement with a condition of bidparam > Bid

and then if true I assigned bidparam to
Hi Mark,

The data from TypedValue runtime property is always Text, that's why you can't compare it directly.