Default screen not marked (set active) in menu on first load
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.3 (Build 43291)

My default screen (Screen1) isnt being set as active when i launch the app for the first time from studio. When click between the pages (Screen2 and Screen3 for example), the menu sets the correct page as Active and gives the visual indicator as expected. When i then click back to Screen1 then the menu item is highlighted. 

How would i set the default screen as active on first load?


Hi Robert, You have to set a workflow for that. Go to the Main Flow of your application then move the arrow where you want the screen to run first.

Or share the oml file I'll fix it for you and resend it to you again.

And feel free to ask in case of any difficulty.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi Robert,

Simplest way is to set the ActiveItem index for each screen. (Screen1's > Comment\Menu setting shown below):

Similarly Screen2 and Screen3 will have the ActiveItem set to 1 and 2 respectively. oml attached.




Hi Rabert,

You can use  ActiveMenu input to achieve this and Pass default ActiveMenu Name or take from Static Entities



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