On click of text link - open pop-up when select data from dropdown.
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Traditional Web

Hi All,

I'm new in outsystem working on traditional web application. There is a challenge I'm facing where I need to open a pop-up (click on text link) on select the value from a drop-down.

For example : I have a dropdown where I have three level (Level-1,Level-2 and Level-3) and  like on select of Level-2. I need to open a pop-up on click of some text.

Please refer the attached image.





So, you have a dropdown and there is a container that is showing results from the item that you selected on the dropdown, then you select the text on the container and it shows a popup, right?



If you are going to click on an item in the dropdown and open a popup with data based on the item you selected, so what you need to do is: use the on click or on change of the dropdown and when that happens you use the notify to open the popup and you bring the variable to the "popup" and based on the variable you can filter your data on the aggregate in the preparation.

Do you something already? that you can share?

Thanks for the reply Marcio. Let me try the above method.

Actually the drop-down is in different web screen there we have a web-block where the link text is present and I have created a separate screen for the popup. on click of text I can able to open the pop-up but it's not happening based on the drop-down condition.

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