[OfficeUtils] Create a word with template with style options for bullets and numbering
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Is there a component that allows me to export text to word including bullets with styles? (bold, italic, underline)

I have tried MSword and it is not possible and in OfficeUtils it seems more advanced to configure but templates with images give error.

I have also tried to extract an html and export it to word, but in the case of a page, it sends it to me with javascript without executing


Hello CrisSanz,

This is achievable as follows by combining a few components:

1. Use the CKEditor (for Traditional app) or CKEditor Reactive (for Reactive app) to create the HTML tags for your document.

2. Use CreateDocxFromHtml to generate the word document.

3. Use FileSystem server actions to create the docx file.

I have attached an oml for a Reactive app example. You can easily apply the logic to a Traditional app if that's what you are building.

Sample results screenshot:

Hope this solves it for you.




Hi AJ,

May I know if you tried to use CreateDocxFromHtml with OfficeUtils (Template docx)?

On my app using CKEditor:

When I tried to download using  OfficeUtils (GenerateWordFile):

My template:

Thank you very much for the idea, finally and that the template we have is very specific, with many fields that are HTML (where we actually use CKEditor) we have decided to use OpenXML and create an extension.

In any case, what you indicate does not look bad and we will try it on some other occasion for sure. I consider solved the problem so as not to leave the post open

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