Question on CKEditor's Image and OnBlur event
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I have two questions

1] I want to read Image's height and width on load of the page.  This image I insert it in CKEditor.

2] I want to clear my Input widget if it contains "a" or "aa" on blur. My input widget is inside Table widget. I wrote below code but it is not working in outsystems. But sample code [jQuery ] is working fine.

jQuery CODE: 

In Outsystems, I select Input widget which is inside Table Widget and then applied Event as "onblur" and Handler as "IgnoreChar". I want to call the same event for other input as well for the same that's I use input selector. 

If any other way available please let me know

App : Reactive


Hi Nathan,

jQuery is not shipped in mobile and Reactive Web apps as it was with Traditional Web. A bit more on this here.

The recommendation here is to use vanilla Javascript for what you want to achieve.

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