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Hi Team,

After making solution in Production  I am receiving the following error in service center, so after this issue our 2 front end server is down in deployment, also we have restarted the server but its not worked out, is there any one faced this issue and got any solution.

Thanks in Advance

Hello @Balaji Ravikumar,

I have never encountered the issue before, but as a basic troubleshooting tip, I would suggest looking at the ServiceCenter logs. Please share the details of the error logs if possible.


Hi AJ, 

Thanks for you reply 

please find the below one of error due to the deploy,


My 2 cents based on the error log is to reach out to OutSystems Support asap (if not already done) and have them work with your internal DevOps/ Network admin especially given this is a production blocker. 

I suggest this based on a review of similar issues in the forums, how they were escalated, the in-depth troubleshooting required etc. Meanwhile hopefully someone in the community chimes in with suggestions,



Is there any one faced this error and found solution?

Hi Balaji, You can just mail to and let them know the problem you are facing.. They will help you in solving your problem..

Hello Balaji,

Just to make sure that all Outsystems services are smoothly running on the Production server, just open the server itself through RDP connection, then open "Outsystems Configuration Tool", then click on the "Apply" button.

This will restart all Outsystems services and republish all Service Center modules.

If this didn't help you, you can trace the Windows event log files, it may helps.

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