How do I highlight the color of Active Wizard Item ?

I'm implementing Wizard but active wizard item doesn't highlight .

In the above actual image, I want only active wizard item from the left to change to another color and highlight  every time I press "Next". But it doesn't work.

I went through other Forum posts but unfortunately I couldn't figure out.

I wonder if that is because I'm using Dublin Template.

I attached OML for more detail.  I'm implementing in "Top" Web screen in my oml file.

I'd like to know what's wrong. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me how I should do.




Hi Yoshikawa,

Please find the updated OML with this post, I have done the below changes so that it may meet your requirement.

1) Remove inline CSS in the wizard container.

2) Define active class and assign that class to respective containers with your condition.


Jayakumar R 


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