How to make Remember me workable when u have 2 variable assigned to inputbox?
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Hi Team!

I am trying to build a remember me functionality. There are 2 input box with True and false, so actually, there are 2 different variables, one for each input box. I am doing this using the set cookie and get cookie server actions having cookiename and cookievalue as output parameters. So, the 2 inputboxes are for Postcode and Incident no. Remember me is working in the case of postcode search, but it takes the same postcode data in incident no. So, how to resolve this issue?


Hi Aditya,

Did you debug your code to see what the value of the two cookies are when retrieving them? Did you check your browsers developer tools to inspect the value of the cookies there?


Hello Aditya

Because the issue is of client side, a hint for solution could be get by inspecting the page. Can you provide URL to the particular page with remember me function? 

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