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Hi All,

I am receiving following error in service center on our chat module it is not causing any issue in production but need solution to solve it, can anyone faced this error on found any root cause.

"Error invoking callback OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.Callbacks.StaticContentCallback on event PageRender: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Balaji Ravikumar,

Are you on-prem or in the cloud? 

The chat module may be getting blocked on the firewall. Allowing it may do the trick.



Its on On primes @AJ.  and do you have any other suggestions.

In terms of additional suggestions, I would wait to hear back from you on whether there were changes made to your firewall settings recently. Since Dileep has already provided you with relevant links in the forum let's see what you discover.

Do the lower environments report similar errors?

We don't have similar error in lower environment @AJ.  Only we have these errors in Prod. I keep posted here once i come up with solution.

Hi Balaji,

I am sure its something related to farewell that blocking the permission.Below are the few links related to that.

Hope it will help you to get some idea to resolve or find the root cause about this.


Thanks @Dileep Verma will look at these areas.

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