Long Deployment Time in Outsystems 9.1.300 Java Stack

We have a issue in deployment in client issue. Its taking 4 times from our local test environment.  On investigation we found that RAM was configured properly in os.controller.service.sh and os.deployment.service.sh. 

We equated it same as out test environment. 

After Changes we observed that Restart of Service Improved. STEP11(Compile) improved considerably. Completed in 8 min while SETP 12(Compile Dependency) is taking 40 mins which was generally taking 8-9 mins previously. 

Can any suggest what could be the factor due to which process at STEP12 is taking a lot of time? How to debug?

We are using Outsystem 9.1.300 and Java Stack.


Hi Ashish,

The OutSystems Platform 9.1 hasn't been supported since April 2018, so over three years ago, and with it the Java Stack. The only advise I can offer is to very quickly migrate to a more recent version of the Platform.

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