image url from excel to database
Service Studio Version
11.11.4 (Build 43498)
Platform Version
11.11.2 (Build 29611)

Hi Community,

Hope you are all doing well. At the moment I have an excel file which contains the url to an image (see example below).

I am now trying to convert this excel list to the database. However, ExcelToRecordList does not support binary data (see error below).

What is the best way to solve this? I've already done some research and saw that there are a number of forge components that provide this. Think of Advanced Excel or ImageUrlConverter. I think Advanced Excel solves the problem I'm having now. Are there other options that don't require a forge component?


Best regards,



Hi Bart,

My suggestion is when you get the url from the excel, pass it through GetRequest_Submit from HTTPRequestHandler dependencies.

The result is already binary.

But do take notice that this is not efficient and can leads to timeout if the image is too large in size (bytes)

Because this will try call the image url and get the result

Hi Toto,

Thanks for you reply. I will try it out thanks! Talking about the images, what do you consider too large for this approach?


It's depends.

This is using server action (GetRequest_Submit) and the default timeout for server action is 10 seconds.

So this will depend on how much is the speed of the internet while accessing the image. 

Other solution is to increase the timeout or put this logic as timer process or light BPT so this will run asynchronously.

Hi Toto,

Seems to work correctly. Thanks for your suggestion. 

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