How to hide tooltip after browser back event?
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.4 (Build 43498)


I have a tooltip, that appears on the hover event of an icon. This icon has a click event that navigates to other screen. Then, if the user uses the browser back, the tootip appears on screen before that. And it's possible to see 2 tooltips at the same time (the first one, where the event click was triggered and a new one on new hover of another icon.  (This icons are placed inside a list, so we have one icon with tooltip per row)

Already try to hide the tooltip with an if, but for some reason didn't work. 

Anyone was any idea if there are anyway to solve this kind of problem?

Thanks for helping!

Hi Raquel,

You can follow below steps to achieve this.May be it will give you idea about your usecase.

  1. Create a Boolean variable assign False by default and set  to IsTooltipShow property of Hover control.
  2.  And on Link or Action click assign the  IsTooltipShow  to False before navigating to destination screen.


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