First, I looked through other posts but it seems most of these are from before Popup_InfoBalloon and co got part of the base set of RichWidgets.

My problem is simple, the popup_infoballoon only partially resizes if you set the WidthPx and HeightPx values

A screenshot probably explains it better :

As you can see, while WidthPx was set to 800 and HeightPx to 600, the actual linked web page only displays in a small portion at the top.

Is there still a dependency on any stylesheet settings somewhere that I missed or did that go out with the new version ?

I did try this in Firefox btw. Haven't tried I.E. yet (I.E. scares me, what can I say).


Edit: almost forgot, the twisty at the top also never stops revolving as if it never is able to finish loading the page. Tried with several links to different websites too.
Hello Hans

Check the attached example, my infoballon have 1024x768 and works good.

I hope that helps
Hmm, now I am thoroughly confused. You don't seem to have any values specified for WidthPx and HeigthPx in your example. Also you are pointing to another web page inside the application. My links were pointing to external url's maybe that makes the difference.

In fact when I change only the link in your example to Common\ExternalURL and set the URL value to "http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/FinancialFunctions" I get a really small preview window. Adding a fixed value to the two parameters above results in again a larger popup but as before, only a small portion at the top actually has the preview in it. I have attached your example with my changes.

Note, give that I am behind a fairly restrictive firewall which might be interfering with this component but if that were the cause I would expect to see nothing at all instead of this.

Note I am using AP 5.1.11 btw.
Hi Hans Engelen,

There is a small difference between those two usages...but makes all the difference. 

Your usage: Popup_InfoBalloon pointing to a ExternalSite with external URL
Hugo's usage: Popup_InfoBalloon pointing to a internal page with the "magic" difference: The destination page have a table with two special css styles: DocumentPopup (table level), BodyPopup (cell level).
I dont know why but those 2 styles are both important for correctly  "on the fly" size adusjtment.

Rafael Pereira

The major problem is the use of external url because I remove the styles and the infoballon resizes good.

Maybe is not good to use external sites on info ballons because needs to load all the CSS from the site, cant understand why the infoballon dont resize maybe the styles from the site or the iframe used from the infoballon.

Hugo Pinheiro