Is it possible to send emails to an database entity?

I want to be able to receive emails then pull data from the subject/body text into entities. Can you assign a email address?


Hi Michelle,

If I understand your need correctly, you just want to read all emails sent to specific email address and read and insert the content in your entity.

You can use any IMAP component from forge to read the emails received on specific email address. Once you read the content you just need to write your logic to parse the data and insert in database.

I have not used any such component but this is one of such component

@Nikhil Gaur 

Many thanks - I going to give this a go.

@Nikhil Gaur  

Unfortunately we can only use the reactive environments. Do you have any suggestion for an suitable component ?


Hi Michelle,

This component has an extension which is used in traditional web app. Similarly you can take the idea from traditional app and use same extension in your reactive application also.

Hello Michelle Goodman, 

Unfortunately, only traditional application has Email access 

You can create service action in the Traditional application and get that server action dependency in the Reactive application server action and remaining part is same as suggested by @Nikhil Gaur 

for concern,pass the email list (parameter) as serialize to the output of traditional application server action and in the reactive application use de -serialize and save the record as per your need

@Akshay Deshpande 

Can you explain this part more as I am not sure what you mean..."get that service action dependency in the traditional service action"

Sorry @Michelle Goodman 

Its server action

Actually if you are using Reactive application than it is not possible to send mail but i had same scenario like that so i just create reactive_CS module (reactive application) In that i create my "create or update operation namely createorUpdateMail

And after that in the traditional application you just used that createorUpdateMail server when you mail just called that wrapper action

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande.

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