Canvas Tag in Reactive Web
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.4 (Build 43813)
Platform Version
11.12.1 (Build 30451)

Hi just want to if this is possible. I'm trying to convert my simple canvas project into an Outsystems App. I don't know why it's not working on my created OutSystems App. It's almost the same as the old one.  I think my JS code is not working because the old project is working mostly using JS scripts. The drawing capabilities are not working. I attached here the zip file of the project that I'm trying to convert. Hoping for your help. Thank you!


Hi Ronald,

You said "I don't know why it's working on my created Outsystems App" I guess you mean "I don't know why it's not working on my created Outsystems App" :)

Regarding your problem, can you mention here what issues you are facing exactly. Also please try to attach the file in more standard format like zip instead of rar so you have better chances of getting help, as not everyone uses rar file extractors.

Hi Sir, 

Thank you for correcting me :) I updated the post and replaced the .rar file. 

Stay safe!


I think problem is with your js file. You are using getElementById and it has static id specified in script. In you OutSystems application you should always use WidgetName.Id where ever you need id as ids in HTML are generated dynamically. 

So instead of adding this js as a script file, you can call your script on OnReady event of your screen and pass your canvas and dropdown id to script. Also remember that, when you place your script on OnReady there is no need to place script inside window.addEventListener, because OnReady will be called only after screen is loaded and dom is available.

Hi Ronald,

As Nikhil Gaur said in outsystems you should use the WidgetName.Id. As of now i have hardcoded the ID. But while you are implementing, kindly use WidgetName.Id

I have attached the sample oml and url here.

Hope it helps!




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