Refresh Query and List Late Load

Refresh Query and List Late Load


What are the benefits of using Refresh Query instead of List Late Load?

In terms of perfomance, the refresh query if understand only do a request to the server, correct me if I am wrong. 
Hi Hugo,

I'm sure that the "Refresh Query" functionality did not come up for replace LateLoad. 
The "LateLoad webblock" functionality was created time ago, for example, to support the Ajax "pagination" and "orderBy" patterns combined with complementary code.
The real goal (I guess) was "We have to refresh the TableRecord fill them with data   using a ScreenAction but how do we accomplish this on the first page load? Aftter the complete page load it's easy using buttons and NotifyWidgets events but how to do it on first load without duplicating the same query on preparation and on screen action?"
As you can see the "Refresh Query" functionality only facilitates the execution of those patterns (Ajax Pagination,Ajax OrderBy and other possible actions over the TableRecord using Ajax...).
I'm not part of Engineering Team, so it's only "my point of view"!
Hope it helps you! 
Rafael Pereira
Hi Hugo,

The List Late Load pattern takes more time to show the list when users first access the page (and it also does 2 http calls). This might sound minor, but this increased latency can become anoying in repeated usage, specially if Ajax animations are turned on.
But as Rafael pointed out the Refresh Query can also be used in other scenarios when you do not want to duplicate the query (and this avoids puting it in the viewstate).

Tiago Simões