Invoke a client action when browser / tab closes


So I have a timer and if the browser/tab closes, i need to save the time that is left.

Any suggestion?

I did this but is not working.

"window.addEventListener("beforeunload", function(event) {



I call this on render? 

Thank you

Hi Sara,

You should place it in the OnReady event.

Check the example below, where I write a message to the console when leaving the page.

Kind Regards,


Hi João,
Your post helped me very much.
Thanks man

Hi Sara ,
I hope this will be helpful to you. Please check attached OML File

Demo :



Hi Rahul. 

It Is something like this but i am confused. How do you call the script in the first Screen but the validation is done at the second screen?

You wan to use this on first screen also ?

Yes. I want to use only at one screen

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