Minor Service Studio bug/inconsistency with "Find Usages"

Hey all - just something I noticed, a slight defect in Service Studio..

Often, I'll find usages on a local variable and if it's only used as Value but never Variable, it means it's read but never written to; conversely, if it's used as Variable but never Value it means it's written to but never read..

Both cases usually result in me deleting the variable. (Obviously with some exceptions)

BUT, there's a bug, if the variable is used in the left operand of an assignment, it assumes it's a Variable (write) but it could potentially be a read!  See pictured :) This variable is needed because this is actually 4 writes, 2 reads



I'm not sure whether I agree with you. The "usages" tab shows the usages of a certain variable, and in this case, it's indeed in the Variable Property of an Assign Element.

Semantically, you're absolutely correct.  Kudos


I'm not saying your confusion isn't valid though, it is confusing, but I'm not sure how it could be improved...

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