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Its shows this error and all the filed are properly filled, I've been struggling with this exercises since march and I cant find another exercise that doesn't involve me re deleting my steps so that the systems automatically filled what I need to finish it. There no way I can do this solely online with on hand support.

Please recommend me a page or another source of better excersices since Ive reach a tiping point with this one.


Hi Dimas Torres,

This is a DataBase Exception. you are inserting the null value in the Foreignkey attribute.

Refer the Eduardo Jauch solution in the attached link. https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/47144/the-insert-statement-conflicted-with-the-foreign-key-constraint/ 

For reference, kindly attach the screenshot of the logic in the save action, so that we can help!



I still dont understand how to solve it, but here's the Logic of the Save Button


Can you share the oml . It would help to check the values you are assigning. So we can help you in solving the issue

Here it is, it just frustrating if I'm just following the same directions as the exercises, there no need to reach this level of confusion


Hi Dimas Torres,

There is no save action(ie which you have mentioned above) in your oml. 

Actual Error is you are inserting the nullvalue in personRoleId. What is the value you have assigned to it?

I have no clue why since on my end it's still here, and It shows when I screenshotted the Logic, regardless'll delete the whole section and continue the rest of the exercises without that feature, thanks for your time. Hopefully Outsystems can update they exercises soon enough

The error was with Movie Id which you were passing the null value. Add cast/Crew to Movie link should be in movie detail from there you need to redirect to Add movie participant screen but from the attached oml it was destination to current screen which is wrong. I don't have an idea how you have been navigated to this screen before.

I have modified your oml . Do publish this oml and test from your end. You can add crew only to the existing movies.


Again I dont know why does it show that the destination is on the same page, in my end is exactly how you put it in the new .oml, in general, I don't know if some data got misplaced during the file transfer.

I've still don't understand the issue, I've just been following the instructions from the exercise.

Movie List -> Movie Details -> Add crew link -> AddParticipantScreen. 

I prefer if the exercises came with explanation videos since the topic presentation is somewhat disconnected from what you actually do in the exercise.

In any case ill just keep working with the version provided by Outsystem resource file, I guess I can't do everything on my own.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Dimas Torres,

Actual bug is you are passing the value 0 in movie ID (ie MovieId = 0)

I need a clarification, are you testing only that particular screen in browser? since, AddMovieParticipant screen is anonymous. if you open the screen in browser directly, no value will be passed from the previous page. so then MovieId = 0.

Here i have attached the oml.


Hope it helps!

Thanks and Regards,



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