Como fazer gestão de mensalidades

  sou novo em OutSystems e Tenho uma dificuldade nenhuma Desenvolvimento de hum Projeto de Gestão de Atletas.

A minha duvida é: 

  • como posso guardar a informação de cada época desportiva automaticamente;
  • Como Verifica que um Mensalidade ESTÁ paga OU Não a Cada Mês e guarda a Informação Desse Mês?

Não sei se fui claro mas FICA A Minha Questão.

Hi José,

please use english to post in the forum, so everyone can understand/help.

What you need is this simple data model:



Hello Jose T

Welcome to OutSystems Community. 

Please find the below comments for both of your questions:

how can I save the information for each sporting season automatically;

You want to save the sporting season automatically. To save this data automatically we need some logic. Please elaborate more about how the sports season is determined? The possible answers are - It gets announced on some website and they have APIs for this? Or it has the scheduled period in a month or so. OR How the season information comes to you...? 

How do you check that a monthly fee is paid or not every month and keep the information for that month?

Honestly, I need more clarification here too. Is your plan to take money online or you want to save offline transaction manually into system? Also, what information you want to save with the money defiantly the payer name, details could be in your data model. 

Sorry, I do not know the Portuguese. So, my answer is in English based on what I read with Google Translation.

Many Thanks

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