[Discovery] Improvement suggestions for keeping Discovery state of selected applications/modules
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Hi folks,

Today I came across an issue with Discovery: while analyzing a snapshot from an external infrastructure, after first painfully having to deselect non-relevant applications to my analysis, Discovery's default configuration was triggered to create a local snapshot. This cancelled my previous day work i.e. all applications were messed up with my previous snapshot's and the selections were all defaulted as well.

I've turned off the automatic snapshot creation, obviously, to avoid this in the future. 

Nevertheless, it would be still useful to make some improvements to Discovery in order to make this use case more productive. Here follow some suggestions:

1. provide a download feature to extract the currently selected applications/modules and a new UI to upload it; this should override existing selections in the application;

2. bind application/module selections to a snapshot;

3. avoid interruptions to user interaction while selecting/deselecting applications

  1. by not having the automatic re-validation triggered immediately;
  2. by allowing for a new UI (list screen would be enough) to bulk select applications/modules and start revalidation on demand;

Let me know if these suggestions sound good for potential improvements to Discovery. I may not have the full picture or there may already be some features to workaround the above issue which I am not currently aware.

Thanks for your feedback!

I have felt the frustration of doing this action of deselecting the forge components one at a time.

This is a good idea.

I like #1 and #3. 

Saving the state of all appropriate applications is a huge benefit if the data somehow is lost and could recover work previously done.

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