I cant tricking the id for user

Hello , I need help for trucing company id , i can just get the user id and every time give me the company id 0 .

and also , I can't update information of company with update or create action.

thank you for all 

Hey @Rawan Al Rajeh , did you checked if you are uploading the data from your record to the structure that you are sending? try to debug, it's the best option to see where the "error" is. 

From where you are sending data, maybe you are putting the wrong attribute in the input for that screen.

It's difficult to give you a proper answer or a 100% solution without seeing your flow and screens and data.

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Basically when you call the screen  Info_for_company on input parameter of CompanyId you don't pass this value, then  the Outsystems put 0. 

Other way is put this mandatory is change this input value with mandatory to guaranty this always are "charged" and after on save of other thing don't have mistakes.

Hi @Rawan Al Rajeh , Simple way to get CompanyId, You doing some operation , like onclick and then you are redirecting to this page. So onclick even you are sending two id amd one of it is companyId just check wheter you are sending that id or not. For reference please refer images.

In event image, i have pass one parameter. Just check for you, you have to pass two parameter



Hello Rawan 

Seems you are not passing the company ID and by default it is 0 in OutSystems. Please make sure you have below structure - 

  1. The Screen should have 2 input parameters - UserID and CompanyID
  2. The Aggregator should be filtered with both the parameters
  3. Once these two will be there the link / action sending on this screen will ask for Valid Inputs
  4. You can pass the ID of current list 
  5. If you will pass NullIdentifier(), it will show 0

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