Service Studio 5.1.1 Communication Error

Service Studio 5.1.1 Communication Error

I've been working with Service Studio since it was release, without any problem.
This afternoon I just rebooted my development server and now I can't connect with a server anymore.
I'me getting this error:

What can I do?

Hi Carlos,

I'm going to venture a guess here:

Did you, by chance, change the IP Addresses for the "Internal Network" in the Configuration Tool for your development server? Or, somehow, you have a set of IP addresses there and your own development environment is accessing it with a different IP address than the one expected?

Check this in the Agile Platform's Configuration Tool, under the tab Network. After that, restart IIS and the Agile Platform Services.

Let us know if this solves your problem.


Paulo Tavares
I made some tests in the Configuration Tool last week, saved and everything kept working fine.
But maybe some of the configurations only took effect after the reboot I made yesterday.

I corrected the changes, restarted the services, and eveything is working fine again.

Thank you Paulo.