How Do I download a podcast that was emailed to me?

How Do I download a podcast that was emailed to me?

I am new to the whole Ipod thing, but I have an iPod Nano 8M. Can anyone explain to me how to downlod this podcast that was emailed to me onto my ipod?
Hw did you get email or OutSystems working on the iPod Nano? I never did manage to do that
@Wim: hehe... I am surprised as well - it could be that Apple is finally rolling out OutSystems-compliant iPods ;)

@Marsi: hi, and welcome! Indeed, this forum is dedicated to OutSystems and web application development on the Agile Platform.

That being said, we can still try to help the best we can.

I would assume that the first thing you would have to do is to download the podcast to your computer. If it is a link, click it and save it in your computer - and, if it is an attachment, just save it there.

Second, you will have to install iTunes, from Apple, if you still haven't.

Third, you will have to add the podcast to iTunes.

Finally, connecting your iPod to your computer will allow you to copy the podcast to it.

I hope this helps and, should you have any questions regarding the Agile Platform next, we're also here for you, since that's more our area of expertise :)


Paulo Tavares