[IdP] IdP SingleLogout_URL cannot redirect - AzureB2C SAML
Forge component by Rui Vicente Barbosa

I'm having redirect issue in Logout flow. I'm using Azure B2C SAML ( custom policy ) with Idp component. Everything is ok except Logout redirect issue.

It only Logout from tenant account and stays there. It's like no redirect request being sent to the application.
Login / Logout (session) working well. The only issue is cannot redirect back ( to my website's landing page ) after logout success and stuck in this white page even successfully logout.


I tried Single Logout Bind method - HTTP redirect and POST. But still not working. 

I noticed one thing Idp's Logout.aspx ( DoSLOLogout ) was calling and that's all.  

Didn't see SLO.aspx ( SamlSLO ) calling. I'm not sure it should be call after logout success from b2c ( when we get SAML response ). But it's wasn't call. If this is the case , pls help to suggest thanks.

Finally i able to solve with another way. Thanks.

Hi Phyo, 

I am trying to configure Idp for azure b2c but I without success.

In my Azure b2c env, I have this endpoint:

but I don't understand which endpoints I need to copy in which input fields on Idp component.

I saw that you fill all the input fields.

Could you help me?


Hi Pier , 

I was using Custom B2C policy + SAML endpoint.

For SAML , u can get SAML xml from this url via opening this link in ur browser and save as .xml file

And then u can import in here for auto populate. ( manually can aslo )


For OAuth , u'll need different approach. Pls let me know if u need more information.

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