Tips to share your badges/achievements on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

Hi guys,

You can access your badges in your profile under Achievements tabs. You can see "Share your badge: " written but no button or link to do it.

It comes from the class of this div. If you change it to another name, the social share buttons will appear.

And then you can share a link to your profile with a nice preview.

Honestly it is a nice feature.

Why did they hide the social share buttons?

Hello @Maxime Baracco,

They are not hidden in my profile. So the question is why you are seeing it differently. I tried other browsers, no issues. Could you try logging out and logging back in and see how it goes?



I logged out and logged in again, same thing: they're still hidden for me...

Might be worth checking if you have any browser Add Ons such as 'AdBlock' that manage social media content. For e.g. I was just able to 'hide' the 3 social media icons in Mozilla using 'AdBlock' as shown below:



You're right, it seems to be blocked by my adblock Chrome extension (uBlock Origin:

First time I notice a false positive with it... Could it be because of the classname "addthis_toolbox" ?

Not sure if Outsystems team can fix this but thanks for helping me :)

You are welcome, no problem.

If OutSystems is unable to do something about it you still have the following options:

  • 1. UBlock is removing those social media icons in Chrome based on its "cosmetic filtering" logic. This setting is enabled by default. If you disable this setting (check it), then your icons will be back:


  • 2. Add to UBlocks's 'Trusted sites'.

Hope this helps

- AJ

Hello Maxime,

I was hoping the above options would have solved it for you on your end.

Just curious to know how you ended up solving it, or is this still an open issue on your end?



Hi AJ,

Yes, I can access it by disabling my adblock extension or with the css trick ;)

But it's more like a temporary workaround, as sharing my profile could ultimately lead new people to Outsystems website and I'm not sure of how many pages/buttons might be affected.

To be fair, it could also be something specific to this extension. Are you aware of anyone else experiencing something similar?


I will pass it on to OutSystems

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